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Typical Estate Planning Goals

  Avoid intestacy and ensure property will pass to chosen beneficiaries
Nominate trustworthy executors, trustees and agents
Avoid probate with the use of a revocable trust
Avoid a conservatorship by planning for incapacity
Minimize gift, estate and income tax

Basic Estate Planning Documents

  Revocable Trust
Durable Powers of Attorney for Property
Advance Health Care Directive

Common Techniques for Avoiding Gift and Estate Tax

  Annual Exclusion Gifts
Payments to Beneficaries’ Medical Care Providers and Educational Institutions
Charitable Gifts
Life Insurance Trusts
Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts

Remedies for and Corrections to Existing Plans

Judicial Modification
Early Termination of Trust

Client Questionnaires

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