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Probate is the court-supervised proceeding used to transfer the property of a deceased person to his or her heirs or beneficiaries. Unless the value of such property is less than $150,000, a probate is required, whether the property passes according to a will or by the laws of intestate succession.

At Hand & Little, PC, we carefully guide our clients through the often confusing probate process. Having closed 60 probates or more, we can anticipate where the problems may lie and steer our clients past the obstacles that would otherwise cause expense and delay. We understand the importance of communicating with clients clearly and frequently, and we make it a practice to meet with our clients regularly, to keep the probate moving.

Trust Administration
Hand & Little, PC represents both trustees of terminating trusts, sometimes called “probate avoidance trusts,” as well as trustees who expect to administer their trusts for many years. We help our clients understand their responsibilities, recognize their powers and respect their duties. From our experience litigating trust disputes, we are quick to recognize the risks a trustee must run and we are adept at protecting our trustee clients from liability.

We believe trustees must communicate clearly and frequently with the trust’s beneficiaries and we work with our trustee clients to ensure they communicate effectively. Whether they are professionals with years of experience, or laypersons new to the job, our trustee clients are always grateful for the guidance we provide.

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